Zesty BB : Premium Handmade Herbal Tea

Nature Food and Beverage Association

Zesty BB is an artisanal herbal teas supplier, produced in small batch in Indonesia. It is a Premium Handmade Herbal Tea and have been recognized and awarded by the prestigious competition Singapore Taste Awards.

Mission of Zesty BB is to make you discover surprising, stylish and exotics flavours, it’s an invitation to a gustative journey where just a few foodies have been yet.

Zesty BB is very passionate about infused beverage, they maintain a close relationship with their producer, farmer based in Bali to establish a sustainable link that allow them to continually gaze for the dazzling product, to offer us elegant teas made with high quality products.

To design their creations, The founders of ZESTY BB are in close relationship with the Balinese tea producers using their own artisanal production and eco-friendly:

  • ZESTY BB Tea Blend are grown and produced in the fertile soil of Bali. They collaborate directly with the local farmers of the Island, instead of mass production they prefer quality that produce exceptional fruits and plants, full of naturals flavours.
  • As a Tea brand, they maintain a close relationship with their producer, to let them work in harmony between human and nature, to respect the final product.
  • ZESTY BB creation are made from plants and naturals fruits, without additives and preservatives.

ZESTY BB expend its range with four new herbal teas coming from generous lands, that give them the opportunity to look for naturals flavours and eco-friendly farming across the globe.