Quesos Artesanos Villarejo S.L. : Authentic Artisan Cheese

Nature Food and Beverage Association

Quesos Artesanos Villarejo S.L. Cheeses have all experience and dedication in making artisan cheeses, thanks to their exclusive maturation process and it makes them have a range of distinctive cheeses its aromas and taste of a centuries-old tradition and have been recognized and most awarded as one of the top quality artisan cheese in the prestigious competition Singapore Taste Awards and it’s one of the best challenge for food products worldwide.

The company, of deep-rooted family origin, as parents and grandparents already practiced it, continues to grow year after year, and in addition to expanding its work space and distribution of its products, it currently has a staff that offers work to several families of the municipality and surroundings. As appropriate, the factory has been adapting to sanitary and legal regulations according to current regulations. Q

All this, once the daily collection of milk in the region, fresh milk, from previously selected livestock farms and maintaining optimal conditions and temperatures for their transfer, is finished. The degree of cleanliness in our facilities and in the product is, at all times, one of the necessary and essential conditions to reach its final quality.

Proof of all this, is the enormous development achieved until today, exporting the product to virtually everyone. Wherever you go, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Brussels, Germany, Sweden, you can taste the flavor of a cheese with Manchego airs, moving in a few seconds to the green field where it began manufacturing.