Apicoltura Luca Finocchio : A Healthy, Genuine and Natural Italian Honey

Nature Food and Beverage Association

Apicoltura Luca Finocchio honey is a guarantee of quality: it is processed naturally and without any sophistication. A quality that means genuineness and goodness: our products are special because they are born of a knowledge, a passion and a respect for almost obsessive traditions! A niche product, therefore, that achieves excellence through constant attention to the many factors that influence every single phase of the honey supply chain.

Very recently, Apicoltura Luca Finocchio honey have been recognized by the quality that means genuineness and goodness and awarded by the prestigious competition Singapore Taste Awards and it’s one of the best challenge for food products worldwide.

Apicoltura Luca Finocchio honey bring their hives to areas that are absolutely pristine and far from polluting sources, so that their bees can only suck the best nectar. That nectar which then becomes pure honey.

Complete control of the honey supply chain they pay particular attention to the control of this factor, on which the final quality of the product depends. The choice of collection areas, transport, natural maturation of honey in the combs, honey extraction, decantation and potting at the right time: carefully check all these phases and not only ensures an exceptional honey.

The honey is extracted “cold” and put into jars without resorting to any pasteurization process in order to maintain all its nutritional and organoleptic properties that make it a unique food for every well-being. By virtue of this, honey is liquid immediately after the honey extraction; subsequently it goes through completely natural processes such as crystallization – which is synonymous with quality – with the exception of that of acacia, chestnut and honeydew: the latter, in fact, have a higher percentage of fructose which generally makes honey honey liquid and crystallization is difficult. All the others will gradually crystallize, based on the percentage of the two sugars present. Furthermore, the preservation temperature also affects this process: at 14 degrees so the honey crystallizes faster, and the deviations up or down from this value affect the crystallization rate. If you want to make the crystallized apple liquid just dissolve it in a bain-marie, not exceeding 45 degrees. Apicoltura Luca Finocchio, with his maniacal attention, tries not to ruin the extraordinary product that bees give us.

Apicoltura Luca Finocchio flavored honeys are made up of about 90 percent honey and, for the remainder, a selected confectionery preparation without gluten and without dyes. Those present are natural.

Apicoltura Luca Finocchio keep honeys in the renewed temperature-controlled company warehouse: the jars that end up on your tables are the result of a process in which passion and attention to all the details come together.